Saturday, July 10, 2010

Balloon Launch and a Surprise!

PiperCub blk

We spent the evening at a balloon launch, taking several of the grandkids along and meeting up with more after we got there. There were eleven balloons (I think), but because of weather conditions, they all didn't launch.

What did happen was a complete surprise! There were hundreds of people there and out of ALL those people, this man came up to the kids and asked if they'd like to fly! He asked the oldest grandson first who said no...I couldn't believe it! Then he asked his brother, Seth, who said SURE!!! Of course the other boys wanted to fly too, but his rules were 8-17 yrs old and a parent had to be there. (now, we didn't really know this guy, but we kinda "know" we see him in the Merchants Building at our county fair every year...not by name though, we just trusted him!) And one granddaughter that was along that could have flown said no way! LOL

So, off we went to his hanger where he let two of the younger boys sit in the plane and pull the wing flap levers while they pushed the plane out.

PlaneHanger GabrielPreston1 GabrielPreston2GabrielPreston3 sm GabrielPreston4 reszThen it was time for Seth to climb in!

SethCoPilot1 reszSethCoPilot2 resz

   Starting Up! ...taxiing to the runway and take-off!SethStartUp1 resz SethStartUp2 resz SethTaxiOut2 resz SethTakeOffAir resz 

They were doing the
"plane wave"
here before heading in to land.
SethLandApproach 2 resz  SethLandApproach resz One happy guy!

SethLanded1 resz SethLanded2 resz SethLanded3 resz SethLanded4 resz PiperTail reszThis is a day that this 8 yr old will never forget! 

Sunset1 resz Sunset2 reszCouldn't resist these shots!!

Then we actually got to see some balloons get inflated and a couple even launch before we left!

OhioCaverns start  Cousins1

The cousinsCousins2 OhioCaverns partial OhioCavernsUp  Flame1 Flame2

 2Up Remax blowup This was a single seater!


 RemaxUp1 RemaxUp2


BalloonSunset resz   Off into the sunset
and we headed for home.
What a fun evening!

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Irene said...

Wow, what an exciting day.

Lenoria said...

Wow, what wonderful memories - and gorgeous pictures! I bet Seth is still flying high. Your sun ray pictures and the one with the balloon at sunset are beautiful.

Francie G. said...

How cool is this! Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures of all those beautiful grands! What a fun day!