Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 9 of Photo Editing…Edge Burning

A cool technique today in Jessica Sprague’s online class, Edge Burning…making the edge of the photo darker while your subject is brightened using adjustment layers and a layer mask. Leah Willy

Here is the picture I started with, Leah feeding Willy some dandelions.






Burnt-Edge-Leah-Willy And here is the picture with the “burnt” edges. I had to add some type from yesterday’s class *wink*

LeahToby closeup

Here is the second picture I altered, this time changing it to black & white.




Burnt-Edges-LeahToby See how on both pictures the edges are much darker, then with the magic of the brush tool the subject is lightened! Who sits around and thinks up this stuff??!! I don’t know, some Photoshop geek…but I’m sure glad they did!! Another FUN lesson!!

Here are a couple from yesterday, adding type…making my own “wordart”!

Unpathed-Waters-TypographyTHe-Is-The-Rock,-TypeTexture These also have texture overlays added to the photo.

I’m telling you, this is just too much fun! Too bad the family thinks they need to eat, have clean clothes and live in a home that gets cleaned…I could get a lot more done HERE! bwahahahahahaha

Enjoy YOUR day!

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Judy Rozema said...

These are so cool!! I can't see the llama one very well since it's to the side, but the others are awesome - love the lighthouse and that CUTE little dachshund!

- dlm. said...

These are fantastic, Dawn!