Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prince Edward Island (PEI) Day 1

We got to the ferry 2 1/2 hrs early (we didn’t know what times it left!)…so we got our place in line and just “hung” around. The lady in the cafeteria, Jennifer, told us about an owl out back that had been around all day.
Not just any owl…but a Snowy Owl! Lloyd was able to get within about 40 ft of it.


 Isn’t it beautiful?!

While I kicked back in the truck and took a nap, Lloyd did some whittling.013We thought this was the ferry we were taking, but it wasn’t.

While waiting, a group of guys pulled up on their motorcycles…from New Jersey!
Here are a couple of them napping…lol


Our ferry pulls in and the travelers depart, then it’s our turn to drive on.



Good-bye Nova Scotia!

017018019020021022      024We saw a couple seals along the way, I barely got this shot! He was so fast! 

025Looking straight down from the upper deck.


  The first lighthouse on the island that we drove to.
(I’ll add the name later…the map is out in the truck!)


Ok…it’s 1:30am local time

Stick a fork in me….

I’m DONE!!

Good night=)

We’ll see where we end up tomorrow!

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Tracey Allen said...

Great may want to enter the new contest about your ferry experience.

Have a great day,

Joanne (jojot) said...

appreciate the way you are sharing your trip with us.....fab pics.....looks like you've had some SUNSHINE......yippee

Sue said...

Wow, terrific pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. (Love the Owl)

Carolyn said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, Looks like you are having a great time. Thanks for posting pictures along the way.


- dlm. said...

Gorgeous photographs!