Monday, June 22, 2009

Did I Leave The "Do Not Disturb" Sign Out? and a FREE Class!

Well, we're home! Got home last evening...ahhhh

Back to the REAL world! No eating out...No Housekeeping to make my bed (it's 4:20pm and it's still not made! *shocker* for me!), No Housekeeping to bring fresh towels!! What's up with that!! Thanks Dawn (dlm) for the thought that just maybe I left that little door hanger out that says...




I've been busy doing wash and hanging it out. Weeded a flowerbed. Thought of what to cook for dinner....and picked some red and black raspberries! Yes, raspberries! Look what I came home to...guess I'm going to be making jam this week!

And my Hollyhocks are blooming...I love HH's, they're just an "old" fashioned flower!


Also...check this out! It's FREE!!!
Click ---->here then scroll down,
on the left you'll see where you need to register
to login.
How cool is that!!

And.... Stay tuned for something special this week! I get to do a sneak peek for Gina K!! Excited about this set? You Betcha!!!

Thanks for stopping!



Joanne (jojot) said... you have news related to Gina K that I missed.......

love your pics.....makes me want to reach out and pick berry

- dlm. said...

ROFL! Thanks for the pics of the berries. If you lived closer, I'd definitely ask to trade some berries only thing I have to trade is my baking ability. How about some raspberry tarts?