Thursday, January 22, 2009

War Zone at Ouma's

Some of you know
late Tuesday night Caleb had to take Dianna
to the ER and dropped the kids (all 3) off here.
Here are a few shots of what the living room
looked like most of the day Wednesday!

Dianna had surgery yesterday to remove
a perforated appendix!
Today I think the kids are going
to their other Grandma's house!! *grin*

Gabriel with his "rattlesnake" that he kept "scaring" me with! He chose to stay in his pj bottoms ALL day until it was time to go see mom. Hey, at Ouma's you can get away things....(some things! *wink*)

Toby, the granddog....destroying yet another doggie toy! I think he killed it dead!!

One shot of the warzone! Note the stuffing from the doggie toy strewn ALL over!

This is my quiet, well behaved Bandit....wondering what the heck is going on!! (lol, he always has that look on his face!) He loves it when Toby comes to play!! It's NON-STOP running, growling, wrestling!

As with any war, there are casualties....these guys have had it!

Thanks for stopping!

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Joan Ervin said...

This cracks me up, Dawn!!! I can relate...had a surprise visit from 3yo Gabe this morning...takes a while to pick up after a whirl wind!!! Hope all goes well with Dianne!!!

Starla said... you know how come my house is always a disaster zone!! (two boys and a dog that destroys everything too!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn....I usually don't leave comments on blogs, but, girlfriend.....what these pictures show is the love you get at a grandma's......obviously a good time was had by all (especially Toby) and their minds were busy and not worried about their mom.

Gotta say it was also nice to see a pic of Bandit....he is a cutie.....

Have a great day.....

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! Not that she had to have surgery but the war zone! My kids are older and my house still looks like that! I think I asked them at least 3 times today to pick up their shoes and put them away. I think someone has taken their ears and forgot to return them!!! Looks like they had a great time!