Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yes, I Do....

This card was done for the Inspiration Challenge on SCS today. Bold and Bright colors for sure!!

This cute image is part of a set from
Pink Poison called Home Sweet Home...just too cute! It was part of a secret santa SS sent lots of fun goodies!! Thanks again Joan...uh... I mean santa!!

The couch and pillows are paper pieced (stamped on pattern paper and cut out.) The doggies are colored with Copics and popped up.
I fluffed some white felt and glued on for the couch stuffing....looks like they had FUN!!! LOL!

Anyhoo....just a fun card's hoping your shopping is finished...your presents all wrapped....cookies and goodies all baked (and put away so you're not constantly grazing *wink*) and you're warm and cozy!!

Thanks for stopping!
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Laurie in MN said...

Hi, I enjoy visiting your blog although I don't always take time to leave comments.

Love your cards and ideas. And I like that you don't have one style. You mix the type of cards you make.

I will continue to visit.


Elaine M said...

Man did this card bring back memories. I came home from work to be greeted by a very excited puppy who had totally shredded the cushions on my brand new couch. He was so cute and so glad to see me that I just had to laugh -- I was mad but laughed anyway.

Tosha Leyendekker said...

Those hafta be very happy puppies with that fun piecing and bg LM!! What a fun, fun card!!

Anne Harada said...

Oh my goodness, just adorable! We so need to find you a llama stamp, I'm sure one would have fit right there on the edge of the couch.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday GF!! Big hugs!

Joan Ervin said...

Oooooh, I just knew you would do fabulous things with that stamp!!!! This is soooo cute!!! Your coloring is awesome, as always, and the cotton coming out of the couch is sooo it!!! Have a wonderful Christmas, Dawn!!!