Thursday, October 9, 2008

You Just Never Know...again...AND...The Finished Set!

take a walk...
take Bandit to groomer...
take pictures of Leah in her hat, scarf and mittens.

Remember a couple posts back about not knowing what our walks will discover? Well, this morning we saw these people park their bike at the local coffee shop and mention to another passerby that they'd started out from Minneapolis.MSN - shock Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm in West Central Ohio!

*SNAP*...I had my camera in the van! When I got done with Leah, I'd go back and see if I could take their picture......interesting!

Ok, back to Leah. Leah was in a "MOOD"Smiley mad Pictures, Images and Photos and would not put on the hat, mittens or scarf! Grrrrrrr............. FINE! I've got another grand daughter a couple blocks away!

But first.....stop at Braden's and see if the bikers are still there! They were!! Sitting at the window table enjoying a bowl of homemade broccoli cheese soup and a sandwich. So I walk in and ask a zillion questions and if I can take their picture!

They're from Eastern Washington, not far from Walla Walla. They'd flown to Minneapolis with their bike in 2 suitcases and are on their way to a wedding in Louisville! Sheesh, I can't even imagine riding a bike to the corner let alone across country! They've ridden from Disneyland (California) to Disneyworld (Florida), the Louis and Clark trail, toured Europe........I told you they were serious! Wow! It was just so interesting talking to them!!

Obviously serious bikers on a tandem bike with souvineers of past trips. That's a Kiwi perched on the back of her seat! I should have taken a close up of the little wagon with the stickers of previous trips...oh well!

I hope you two had a great trip and enjoyed that ice cream at Young's! Nice meeting you!!


Ok, now to the knitted set from the "Wool Gathering" handspun, dyed llama yarn.

Now, a little explanation.
Yes, the mittens look lighter because they are a little lighter! That's because I had to felt them a little (Leah's hands weren't as big as I thought they were! Felting them shrunk them a bit and also washed a little of the color out.) Obviously, a little dye remained that didn't rinse out in the final dyeing process. Lesson learned!

The scarf is called a "Tucked" Scarf, each side has an opening where you can 'tuck' the end through to keep it on! A fun, quick scarf to knit.

This is Jorden, Leah's cousin who was much more cooporative!! smile Pictures, Images and Photos

I need to get some more kool-aid so I can dye another batch, so stay tuned!

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

OK that is way too cool.....oh my gosh soooo worth the wait...and that little girl is a CUTIE PATOOOTIE!!!!!

Broni said...

Dawn, I knit, but I've never even attempted to spin and dye my own yarn. My hat's off to you for being so industrious and talented!! (Jorden is a doll!!!)

Golly said...

Love the knitted set, Dawn. And I love my knitted gloves from Diego. I wore them yesterday again. Kay

Angelnorth said...

Ah, but did she want to give them back after the photos? They look fabulous Dawn, love 'em!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh this is adorable DAwn! You're bringing back so many memories of when my mom and grandma knit sets for me. I had a tucked scarf in that exact pattern. beautiful work!

Alli Miles said...

What a sweet story about the bike riders. And Dawn, seriously AMAZING set and such a cute model ;)

Kim Mraz said...

OMGosh, she is darling!!
those mittens and hat are to die for...or should I say to DYE for! I am amazed at your talents :)

Anonymous said...

She's so totally adorable! Hey Dawn, have you thought about packaging the yarn and selling it to us stampers? Can you get a tight weave like the linen thread SU sells? If so, I would buy tons of it! Just think, you could dye it in all the SU colors or any other inks. Wow, what an idea!

- dlm. said...

What an adorable knitted set! I love, love, love the way they turned out.