Friday, September 19, 2008

Riverside of Miami County on a Llama Field Trip!

It is a gorgeous day today! Perfect for a group from Riverside in Troy Ohio to come see the llamas.

They'd brought their lunch and enjoyed a picnic in the shade while several llamas watched and waited to be petted and fed carrots and apples.

My best friend Ruth, and her daughter Jessica (from my 4H club) came to help....THANK YOU! I couldn't have made it without you

Sit back and enjoy the little slideshow I put together. And don't think Greg was scared...he was SO EXCITED to feed them!

Tomorrow I'll be at "A Wool Gathering with the llamas and spinning all day. If you're in the area, stop by and say HI!!


Vicky Gould said...

What a wonderful treat for these special people, Dawn. You are so giving to share your babies with others! You are just one cool lady!

Elaine M said...

Wow Dawn - is there anything that you "can't" do???? You just amaze me. If we lived closer, I'd try to just follow you around for a week and soak up all your info. Lovely little girl you have for your model - such a sweet smile. Thanks for sharing your life with us - it's so much fun