Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Every year for Labor Day we have a big picnic at church. The food and fellowship is always great!

Some years ago we started making this particular holiday special for the kids. Usually lots of wacky relay races and team events. Even the "Big" kids get to play! *wink*

But this year was a little different... the theme was "Carnival". A lot of the adults dressed up in goofy getups! Lots of small pop-up tents were put up in the back and the area enclosed with snow fencing. The kids had to wait at the 'gate' until the Carnival opened.
The usual Cotton Candy machine and Blow-Up Slide were rented...but the games were all easy homemade types.

The kids each got a handful of tickets and had to use them to play the games or ride the train...and they got prizes!! How fun is that!
I'm not sure who had more fun...the small kids... or the BIG ones!

Watch the slideshow and see if you can decide! *wink*
Hope your Labor Day celebration was an enjoyable one!

(for some reason, the slideshow cut off parts of the pictures so I'm going to put one here because I thought it was just too funny! I caught it just right, Steve was totally in his element! He's 6'4"!..... so funny!)


Sharie said...

Is that MY brother?? Too funny! He always was a "goof" growing up! I'm so glad to see some pics of the fun since we missed it. Thanks for putting them up here!

You've got a great blog! You're so talented...I'm jealous! (in a good way, of course!)

Anonymous said...

Tom just watched this, and once again sees that the 'APPLE doesn't fall from the tree' :)

This looks like one of the BEST times ever ... I think you should repeat it again, next year!