Friday, August 29, 2008

Hi! I'm Back!

Jury duty is over! After two days and over 12 hrs yesterday, hearing testimonies and pouring over notes...we handed in our decision on 12 counts against the defendant. I was surprised...I really enjoyed court! Next time I get that letter in the mail I won't be hesitant to go... ok, so I'm weird! lol

This card is the first thing I've had a chance to make since Tuesday!! *gasp*
Did you know there is a whole line of these cute mushroom 'buildings' at Cornish Heritage Farms? They're called Mushroom Lane. The girls have been doing a few and we even have a gallery just for them! Too cute!!

Well, it's back to the real world house... and can you believe I still have peaches!! Hope everyone one has a fun, safe Labor Day weekend!!

Oh...some trivia for you! Did you know the man that came up with Labor Day was from Cedarville Ohio?! Yup! Not too far from here! In fact we used to go to the Labor Day Parade and take the llamas! Let me see if I can dig up a picture!

Thanks for stopping!


Shirley said...

Cute card and great story about Labor Day and the llamas! Gotta love 'em.