Sunday, June 1, 2008

Too Sweet Not To Share, Leah and Llamas

Early last evening my oldest son and family came up to plant their small garden plot here. Leah, who is almost 3, came up to me and said "I want to feed the llamas, I want to pet one, let's go in there (meaning into the pen)".

So we picked some grass and some juicey leaves and went into the girl's pen. Leah had fun letting them pull the grass from her tight grasp....I'm talking tight!! We made what seemed like 30 trips back to the tall grass under the old apple tree! (Gabriel, her brother, was in on it too, but he soon tired of it and went off to play with his shovel and front loader)

On one of the last trips, several of the llamas had kushed (this means they layed down, they tuck their legs under them similar to a cat...all you see is body!) Lady, my largest girl was kushed. Now, Lady isn't a 'lover', she likes to be scratched but on her terms! So I was really surprised when she stayed kushed and allowed Leah to touch her!

At first she wasn't so sure, but after a few scritch-scratches she saw Leah was no threat and that it actually felt kinda nice! lol
Then Leah found some dandelions...ahhh, llama candy! Look how gently Lady takes them from Leah's fingers...I even caught her split lip in action (they use it like fingers to grasp something).

I think Leah would have stayed there all night, but Lady got up. So it was, "Let's go see those llamas" (the boys). I got a couple cute shots back there too.

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