Monday, April 14, 2008

Why I Love CHF

This week on our blog challenge you'll find out just why we loveCornish Heritage Farms! Actually there are so many reasons, but I'm just going to list a few and along with the other girls, I'm sure we'll cover all the bases! Julia Stainton -Lesley Langdon -Kim Hughes-Sherrie Siemens -Lisa Strahl - Julie Campbell -Lori Craig -Lisa Silver -Allie Miles-Kristine Reynolds

You'll notice "Farm" is part of the name. I'm a country girl down to my bones and I so enjoy reading about life on the Farm in Montana. Whether it's what Rosie Lee has done that day or seeing Rosco in the water or Sir Loin with his Mama, if it's on the farm I'm lovin it! Oooh, and sometimes Liz shares some yummy recipe. She's always making me drool with her talk of fresh butter and cream! Trust me, there's never a dull moment!!

What else...the camaraderie of the entire team. We're such a family, sharing our faith, our trials, our accomplishments. There is always a shoulder should someone need one and an open ear to listen.

CHF prides itself in the fact that Family Comes how cool is that to work in that kind of atmosphere!!

And the stamps! Wow! I mean how much fun to be able to stamp a Thomas Kinkade, a Tom Allen, a soon to be Thomas The Tank Engine line! Plus ALL the other fabulous images, some designed by our own Design Team Members, and the Backgrounders they have! Hey...have you taken a look at those? I'm talking some serious Backgrounders here! (which by the way, we're going to be having a week long Backgrounder Blitz! You can check it out here and play along!!...did I mention prizes?!!oooh yeah baby!)

Check out these...look how deeply etched in the red rubber they are! All CHF stamps are such high quality!

Shady Daisy Backgrounder and Victorian Sunflowers Backgrounder.

I love this Shady Daisy Backgrounder (stamped in Adirondack Mountain Rose)! It can stand alone with a sentiment and you have a lovely, quick card! Speaking of sentiments... Mona Lisa is getting ready for a big release of some beautiful ones!!

Have a beautiful day!!


Alli Miles said...

Gorgeous card Dawn. I totally agree about the camaraderie!

Julia Stainton said...

Gorgeous design Dawn! Love your photos of the rubber too. Wonderful post!

Julia Stainton said...

lOL I just saw your llama cursor!!!! Love it!!!

Angelnorth said...

Great job with the Shady Daisy BG, Dawn - the card looks fabulous!

QueenPam said...

Hi Dawn long time no see. I love the blog. Lots of eye candy and great ideas. Perhaps I'll see you at Adventures in Stamping or Stampaway this year! Congrats on making the CHF DT.


Silvergirl said...

Dawn- I value your amazing talent and loving heart... I see you as our glue!


-dlm. said...

Dawn - Wonderful quick and easy card. I don't own that backgrounder yet, but I do have it on my wish list. I enjoyed reading about why you love CHF.

mimihas5 said...

Oh my gosh! Look at the 2 new beautiful backgrounders. I *have* to have them both! Your card is stunning Dawn. I Love it!

I agree with all of the wonderful things you wrote about CHF. It is the best!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn
As you know, I love CHF esp. the backgrounders and you did a fab job with the new shady daisy! Gotta get that one now!

Susan (rainy) said...

I love CHF, too, Dawn. Their stamps are such high quality. Oh and don't forget about the Elvis stamps. Gotta love those babies! That gorgeous Shady Daisy Backgrounder is one I have never seen before. It is fabuous... LOVE your card.

Corie said...

This card is just absolutely beautiful

Donna said...

wow, this is breathtaking, yet simple. LOVE that backgrounder!

Deb said...

Both of these shady daisy backgrounder cars are fabulous, you inspired me to buy it, now we'll have to see if I can make anything so beautiful!! TFS