Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Been A Few

Days since I've posted...have you missed me?! blooming, the grass is green, trees are leafing out.... yardwork and achy muscles are on the menu!

Had a little rodeo the other day, a little like the Calgary Stampede only this was llamas!
I got the brightIdeaidea to move the girls over to the pasture and let them enjoy the new grass (not lush or a foot tall, but more than they had in their pasture!)

Now, if you've ever seen pictures of the native people of South America taking their goods to market on their llamas, you'd see no leads or halters... just happy llamas following their master along the trail. Let me tell you, IT ONLY WORKS IN South America! hmmmmmmthinkingmaybe it's an equator thing!

Anyhoo, from the pature side gate to the side gate of the girl's side is a straight shot behind our house through the yard (with lush green grass).... you see where this is going don't you!

With both gates opened I beckoned the girls to follow me, Piped Piper style to the other side of the property. (I don't think they've read that story!) It worked great for a about 25 yards then they spied the GRASS!

Well, to make a long story longer.............just kidding!!..... it took me about 25 minutes to get them close to the pasture gate! I even managed to get 2 inside!!! (llamas are a herd animal and will stick together, so I figure 2 in, the rest will follow!! woohooo!....................... was I wrong!!)

You've probalbly all known someone or have someone in your family that if someone's gonna try it, he/she will be the one! Well, I have several of those kinds of llamas and Merry Mary thought the grass down the road looked a lot better than what was in the pasture (she was right mind you, but that's not where they were supposed to go!!)

Yup, down the road bucking, jumping....YEEHAW!!! A good ol' time!! And me with no camera! Oh yeah, and one of the ones that went in the pasture came out to join the rest!! So I had 7 llamas on an adventure, heading toward town. (maybe they needed something at Wal Mart?)

I'll shorten this for you...if you've made it this far *wink*.... with the help of Willie on a lead walking him down the road, llamas are very nosey so they had to come running to see who was walking down the road!... and 2 friends that were driving by and stopped, the wild bunch was herded back into the pasture.

Ahhhhh, life on the farm!! LOL

Speaking of Farm.......... gosh we've been busy at Cornish Heritage! So much fun with the Backgrounder Blitz all week. If you haven't stopped by yet, you'll have to. So many fun, cool ideas!!

Today is masking and this is the Shadowbox card I did

The hummingbird was stamped then masked to stamp the sophisticated swirls backgrounder. (hummingbird and flowers colored with copic markers) And the another sneak peek from Mona Lisa's new line coming soon!!

I just got my Megabilities set from Ellen so I had to use those too!!

All images Cornish Heritage Farms

Bird Sampler Sophisticated Swirl Backgrounder Tulle Backgrounder Motivational Centers

Cardstock: Georgia Pacific white (the kind from SAMS/Wal Mart) Magestic Purple- Prism Papers

Ink: Adirondack Butterscotch, Eggplant Black Soot distress

Accessories/Tools: Copic markers- Megabilities- Scor-Pal

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broni (waterchild12) said...

Wow, Dawn! This is beautiful! I love that great big window!
Wish I could've seen the show you and the llamas put on!!!

MWIT said...

LOL - I've got a mental picture of the llama escapade! Sounds like an adventure. :)

Beautiful card!

Anonymous said...

ok....I know that I shouldn't giggle at your pasture adventures, but LOL!! I can only imagine!!

Your card is wonderful (and now I need to check out Ellen's store re: some new MEGA nesties!!)

Sherrie said...

I stared at this a long is just beautiful...oh the talent you have Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Dawn! I so love your llama story! You gave me a much needed laugh this morning, thank you so very much.
Michelle Zindorf

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Too bad you didn't get pics of your great llama adventure - lol. Beautiful shadow box card. Those long rectangles are next on my list.

mimihas5 said...

I know nothing about llamas. I certainly am learning some neat things about them through you. Your story made me smile a lot!

I love your card Dawn it is goregous.


Rick Carlson said...

I know these llama scenarios all too well! LOL! We have 4-H kids who visit our Minnesota farm to lead and groom the llamas. Even though the llamas are gentle with kids, they can also be very independent and stubborn!

-dlm. said...

ROFL laughing about your great llama adventure, Dawn!

Absolutely love your card!