Monday, March 24, 2008

I Believe!!

Ok, I'm convinced!
The birds have been singing their little hearts out lately.
Could it really be.......
Then whilst taking the mail out to the box, I spied these!!
So it has to be.....

Spring HAS Sprung!!!


Anonymous said..., spring IS in the air! Lovely new banner, BTW.

- dlm.

Kittie said...

Dawn, that is a thril to see after a long winter...I'm sure. It is amazing to me how one day flowers are not there and the next you find the little shoots and blooms. Many years ago I purchased new plants to replant in beds around trees in my front yard. I went to rake all the old winter leaves (I have tons of oaks) away to replant the beds and found all my plants had survived the winter by being protected by the leaves and were putting up new baby shoots. It was a thrill to see....even in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, these crocus are a site for sore eyes! Lovely banner and images today.
Michelle Zindorf

Alli Miles said...

Ohhhhhhh crocus' I adore crocus'. In fact that is the very first flower other than daffodils that I knew when I was a kid so it has a sentimental value to me ...including thoughts of SPRING.