Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flower Hugs

I got a call this morning from the local florist saying they had a delivery and checking to see if I was home to receive it. Imagine my surprise when they delivered this beautiful arrangement!!

"Hope these brighten your day a bit!! Hugs!" was the note.

Thank you my dear cyber friend!

It's gloomy here in Ohio today, so it was hard to get a nice picture! Not a very pretty setting for the flowers but it was the brightest spot I could find to take the picture!


Anonymous said...

that's a gorgeous bouquet!

Poulsbo florist

Anonymous said...

How lovely!! Aren't friends the greatest? (even cyber friends!!)
I hope that these put a small smile on your face

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful flower arrangement. I hope that these bring a little ray of sunshine into your day. Enjoy them. Aren't friends the best.

Diane said...

Oh my that is gorgeous!!!