Friday, December 7, 2007

Snow! Grandkids and Arsenic

Ok, what do the three have in common? Actually's just that my mother-in-law came up from Mississippi (very warm climate)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketon Tuesday and we've had two days with snow advisories!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, that takes care of the 'snow' grandkids. She got to meet 4 of the nine great grandchildren she's never seen.

That takes care of the 'grandkids' the Arsenic. She came up to see the Fall Play at our High School, Arsenic and Old Lace, which Timothy (her grandson, my second oldest son) is directing and Jared (her grandson, my youngest son) is in.

Jane will be 90 in March 08 and insisted on helping me feed the llamas!

Scout was curious as to who this new person was, but soon left when he saw she didn't have any treats!

I loaded the hay on my wagon, she pushed while I pulled it through the snow!

Here she is feeding the boys.
Buttons, the pig, has his face right there to be sure to grab the first bite! Note the next picture who is right there again!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the play later, stay tuned.


Kittie said...

Dawn, I love seeing the pictures of Jane feeding the Llama's and all that snow. I know it is cold there for you but I so miss the snow and the festive feel it brings to the holidays. I guess that is why I am so intruged to make snow cards for Christmas. Those Llama's are gorgeous and I remember the gorgeous piece you bruoght with you to show Jeanne, Sherry and me when I was in Ohio. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

StampOwl said...

you've been tagged check my blog for details

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. Oh wouldn't it be wonderful to live such a long, healthy life like her. What a blessing.

Carolyn King said...

akk...I tagged you too!!! funny!

Love your photos...!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your DMIL, Jane, was able to spend some quality time with you and your family! I enjoyed seeing pictures of her helping you take care of your llamas... TFS

- dlm.

Diane Noble said...

How wonderful that Jane could participate in your life and celebrate your sons accomplishments! Great pictures! Your entire blog is great. Love your cards! I'm putting you on my favorites so I can check back in often!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Fun pics of the llamas. And you've been tagged.